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Tears Help Rai Land New Film
Aishwarya Rai was cast as a courtesan in the new film "Umrao Jaan" because director J.P. Dutta noticed she cried when she heard sad stories.
CBS News 2h and 20m ago
More Freeview space for C4
Channel 4 sells its Quiz Call channel and prepares to replace it with a fresh service on Freeview later this month.
BBC 2h and 23m ago
Borat Tours U.S., 'Wrestles' Harry Smith
Actor/comedian Sacha Cohen stopped by The Early Show set in character as the newsman from Kazakhstan to discuss Borat's first film. The results were, to say the least, eye-opening!
CBS News 5h and 20m ago
Crowe condemns US legal system
Actor Russell Crowe, who pleaded guilty to assault in New York last year, condemns the US legal system.
BBC 6h and 17m ago
Lindsay Lohan Talks About Movies, Paparazzi and Allegations She Parties Too Much
The Actress Talks to 'GMA' and Denies Ever Seeing Letter From Producer Complaining About Her Behavior
ABC News 7h and 24m ago
Legally Blind? Reese Skips the Prenup
Lack of Prenuptial Agreement Means Ryan Phillippe Could Walk Away With Half of Reese Witherspoon's Assets, Experts Say
ABC News 7h and 17m ago
Valderrama taps topper
Exclusives: Thesp hires Villa for prod'n co. -- Wilmer Valderrama has hired former MTV exec Danny Villa to run his production company, WV Enterprises, which produces music net's comedy hit "Yo Momma."
Variety 12h and 10m ago
Fursts deliver 'Males' to CW
Exclusives: Half-hour to be penned by Elwood -- Producers Sean and Bryan Furst have sold the single-camera comedy "Beta Males" to the CW.
Variety 12h and 10m ago
Thesp gets 'Paranoid'
Exclusives: Van Sant sets Nevins to topline pic -- Filmmaker Gus Van Sant has set Gabe Nevins to star in "Paranoid Park," based on Blake Nelson's dark coming-of-age tale.
Variety 12h and 10m ago
Beijing pledges more anti-piracy hits
International News: Ministry of Commerce spokesman asks for understanding, not doubt -- Beijing anti-piracy enforcers have pledged to step up their fight against intellectual property theft, but want foreigners to have more understanding for the challenges China faces, a government official said Thursday.
Variety 12h and 10m ago