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78% Stranger Than Fiction
IN THEATERS NOVEMBER 10, 2006 This thoughtful comedy from director Marc Forster (MONSTER'S BALL) stars Will Ferrell as an IRS auditor who hears mysterious voices that begin to dictate the pattern of his life.
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70% Harsh Times
From the creator of TRAINING DAY comes HARSH TIMES, a gritty look at friendship, loyalty and ambition set on the extremely rough streets of south central Los Angeles.
Rotten Tomatoes 0h and 5m ago

Iraq in Fragments
Filmmaker James Longley offers three thumbnail sketches of Iraq as the nation struggles to its feet following the American Invasion in this documentary. In the film's first chapter, Mohammed Haithem is an 11-year-old forced to make his own way in Bagdhad after the disappearance of his parents. Mohammed earns his keep working in an auto-repair shop, though he would prefer to go back to school, and has developed a precocious cynicism about the presence of U.S. troops along with a fear of the ongoing battles... [more]
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Come Early Morning
A Southern beauty whose habit of waking up in strange beds with head-ringing hangovers is beginning to wear thin determines to uncover her secret shrouded family past in hopes of discovering the truth about the woman she has become in the feature filmmaking debut of actor-turned-director Joey Lauren Adams. Lucy (Ashley Judd) is a small town thirtysomething who seems to have fallen into a downward spiral of alcohol-fueled benders and spontaneous one-night stands. In order to begin the transformation necessary... [more]
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Iraq in Fragments opens November 8th, 2006 (limited)
IN THEATERS NOVEMBER 8, 2006Remarkable, gritty, and unforgettable, this documentary--the winner of three major awards at Sundance--examines the realities of daily life in modern war-torn Iraq in three acts, spanning religious and ethnic differences. The first segment follows an orphaned 11-year-old apprenticed to a tough auto mechanic in the center of Baghdad; the second focuses on fundamentalist Shiite politics, their militia's enforcement of Islamic law, and their violent conflict with U.S. troops; and the third observes a Kurdish family and community beginning to explore its newfound freedoms and troubles.
Yahoo 11h and 2m ago

Harsh Times opens November 10th, 2006 (wide)
Jim Davis (Christian Bale) is an ex-Army Ranger recently discharged from the military, yet still haunted by nightmares of his former occupation. While seeking a position with the LAPD that will allow him to marry his Mexican girlfriend and bring her to the United States, Jim kills time chilling with his best friend, Mike (Freddy Rodriguez). Mike is feeling the heat from his longtime girlfriend, Sylvia (Eva Longoria): either get a job or get out. But the love of a beautiful woman can't compare to the bonds of friendship, and Jim and Mike are soon cruising the streets of South Central, slipping back into a deceitful life of drugs, violence and petty crime, just like when they were kids.
Yahoo 11h and 2m ago

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus opens November 10th, 2006 (limited)
A biopic about the life of photographer Diane Arbus, considered one of the most mysterious, enigmatic, and frighteningly bold artists of the 20th century. Most known for her obsession with 'freak' subject-matter, her haunting work emerged from a deeply private place. Arbus' death was as mysteriously tragic as was the aura surrounding some of her most piercing portraits.
Yahoo 11h and 2m ago

Video: Coming Soon - OregonLive.com
Video: Coming SoonOregonLive.com, OR - 18 hours agoThe following is a partial schedule of upcoming movies on video and DVD. Release dates are subject to change. Tuesday, Nov. 14: "Strangers ...
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69 Casino Royale Photos!
The 21st James Bond film hits theaters November 17-- Delivered by Feed43 service
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New Spider-Man 3 Trailer to Debut on MTV!
Be sure to check out The Duel next Thursday-- Delivered by Feed43 service
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