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Dance music

Like a whole other country? A brand-new club is prepared to rock the Stockyards
While the face of downtown Fort Worth's nightclub scene continues to change, thanks to the recent birth of dance-club/lounge triplets Aqua, Bent and Embargo (see our cover story), the Stockyards are also on the eve of a metamorphosis of sorts. Next Thursday, the Rockyard club will open at 2525 Rodeo Plaza, in the 15,000-square-foot space once occupied by Club Fusion.
dfw.com 10h and 9m ago

Music Review: Math and Physics Club - ''Darling Please Come Home''
I've decided this song refers to camping, and here's why. The chorus starts out with "the fireflies are out," an obvious reference to summertime, since those buggers all die in the winter. (And somehow are reborn every summer. Does anyone know how?) The lyrics then go on to refer to "when the coals burn way down low." Everyone knows that coals mean fire and a fire means one of two things: winter and/or campfire. But winter is already out of the equation cause of them fireflies... so we're obviously talking about camping. But this is followed by "Darling, won't you please come home" at the end of the chorus. Evidently, this band lives in the woods. No biggie though, since the boredom of the forest life has obviously given them plenty of time to sharpen their guitar talents.Now let's get serious. Math and Physics Club have crafted their songs based on twangy jangly delayed guitar leads that dance and weave around crystal vocals througho
blogcritics.org 10h and 29m ago

November 2006
Joan Sanmarti Scandal? Satchmo Jazz 2006 Veteran Spanish jazz guitarist Joan Sanmarti and his quintet venture towards classic, hard-bop, swing and excursions into the free zone during this rather jaunty session. With Frederic Carlquist and Victor de Diego providing a dual-core saxophone attack, the leadera€(TM)s fluent lines and solid compositional acumen intimate arching angles and elements of suspense. Sanmarti chooses his notes wisely amid a sequence of briskly articulated single note flurries and intricate progressions. On a€oeBlock (Peradedebo),a€ he switches to acoustic, where the band fuses a touch of American style country and western with saxophone-driven jazz choruses. In sum, Sanmartia€(TM)s clear-sighted writing and strong leadership impart the winning edge. They dona€(TM)t reinvent the proverbial wheel, as the quinteta€(TM)s mode of execution offers a hefty dose of disparate viewpoints, translating into an abundance of articulate musical ya
Allaboutjazz.com 13h and 10m ago

Delly Ranx for Friday FanFare
Dancehall deejay Delly Ranx will be tonight's featured artiste at Meet the Artiste at Friday FanFare at the Carib 5 Cineplex.Comment
topix.net 15h and 45m ago

. Well-known Hollywood writer/director Mel Brooks ...
As many of you know, Rihanna is a R&B singer. Lots of people classify her as a dance hall singer. Rihanna has become more famous then she has ever imagined. She got in the scene of entertainment very fast. Rihanna was born in the beautiful island of Barbados in 1987. When she was young, she [...]
bowwave5.com 16h and 42m ago

Grand Opening Party at the Street Dance Academy
A while back I posted about the newly formed Street Dance Academy on Spadina and Queen.Comment
topix.net 17h and 43m ago

Diddy Signs Elephant Man To Bad Boy
Bad Boy Records signed a distribution deal today with reggae/dancehall music label VP Records to distribute Elephant Man 's new album, schedule for a spring 2007 release.Comment
topix.net 22h and 49m ago

Video of the Week: VCR (live in Gainesville, FL)
VCR is a band that makes me feel like a total hypocrite. I've admitted my distaste for so-called ''dance-punk'' a million times, yet something about them gets my foot tapping and my fist pumping. The obvious reaction would be ''well 'duh', they're from Richmond, where YOU are from, jackass''. The funny thing is, the first time I saw them (opening for Strike Anywhere a few years back) I didn't even know they were from around here. Point is, they define ''funcore'' (literally, the band openly describes it as their genre), and play a brand of electronic punk that isn't about goofy hairstyles and lame imagery; they play music to get you yelling, dancing and, well, having FUN. Fresh from their peformance at this past weekend's Fest V, here's a clip of ''Bratcore''. You can see it here or
punknews.org 22h and 20m ago

New Homestar Runner Toon - Happy Hallow-Day
Hi Everyone, While we are waiting for the next season of American Idol, we are currently busy blogging for our other favorite show - So you think you can dance? Visit our Blog and drop us a line!
PetersReviews.com Thu, 02 Nov 2006 14:34:00 -0700

Plastic Drums
Run by pearl but anybody using any brand free to use for Dance techno etc avilable including hip hop, libraries of source material Highlights as its ldquofree view concertrdquo next month directv will broadcast dvd At the underground in atlanta horacio el negro hernandez is featured collective soul will ring in the new year with a performance on the new kazumi watanabe new electric trio dvd Bag with carrying comes complete
1-drums.info Thu, 2 Nov 2006 06:00:00 EST